Honesty #2

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A shower and all the other necessary things women do to look good on a daily basis make me wish I were a man. Not in the way that most women jokingly say it either. My arms hurt! To lift them for more than 30 seconds above my head burns. So ladies imagine all the 30 seconds your arms are above your head during your morning prep time. Pay attention next time you’re getting ready for the day. Shampoo, rinse, conditioner, rinse, hairdryer, brushing, straightening, curling, pinning up, make-up, and I’m sure you all can get it, MY ARMS HURT after the first step :( but I keep going. So don’t let my beauty lol fool you it comes at a price :( that I choose! Again please know pity. I just want awareness that such is the life of a CMTer! Please if you’re able to lift your arms better than I think about helping by donating $30 to MDA/Team Peachy or donate 30 minutes of your time to help in other way even if it’s learning about MDA or CMTA and all they do. Thank you and I pray you all have a Peachy Day :)

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