Honesty #1

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This morning I had an overwhelming feeling that God wants me to be brutally honest with myself and with others. To let people know how it feels to be me and be honest with myself about how I feel. I usually ignore or hide what is going on with my CMT symptoms physically and mentally. But what is that telling my kids, who are also affected by CMT. I don’t want them to hide things or feel different or weaker than me. But at the same time I don’t want them or anyone else to think I am weak. So everyday I am going to post something knew about me that I may not normally share. I don’t want your pity and I’m not asking for anyone to “do” for me. What I want is support and motivating people to surround me with encouraging words. I want better understanding of what Team Peachy is all about. WE NEED A CURE! They are so close between MDA and CMTA and they need your support and awareness. Please help me and my children with this. I will attach a link to my website that shows all you can do to help and other information. Thank You and God Bless

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