Honesty #3

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Today is a very rough day. I felt good this morning for a change. But this afternoon I am dragging. It is a battle to even just move a couple steps or even move my arms. It sucks because in my heart and soul I have so much energy but my body just can’t keep up. I think it’s partly from being outside this morning for an appointment and couple other stops. I get cold and then it ruins the whole day. I feel like I have so much to do and just keep going best I can. What I really need to do is curl up with warm hubby and take a nap. He truly is who I was meant to be with because he is like a human furnace even when he says he’s cold. People are always telling me I should rest more and although I may need to I don’t see how this will really help me. The more I rest the less that gets done and the more behind I get and the more anxious I feel. So if I don’t rest and stay on top of most things then it’s not so bad other than I feel like I got hit by a semi truck. And yes I do know what that feels like because I was rear-ended by one. Every muscle aches, even muscles you didn’t know you had will ache. I still need to do dinner and clean up around the house then get everyone ready for chess club at the Neighborhood center. I am excited about this and hope it will help me feel better. Doing things for others always makes me forget about myself for awhile.

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