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Fundraising Idea’s

  • Donate a single gift or join the monthly giving program
  • Give in memory of or honor of someone. Great Christmas or birthday gift for those kids or adults who have so much or difficult to buy for.
  • Casual days at work or school and collect a set amount of money for each person that participates. Also fun to do a hat day, PJ or slipper day, or ugly sweater day.
  • Have your co-workers, church, or any group pick a theme to do a basket and everyone can add something and that way it’s not real expensive for anyone.
  • Pass on our facebook event and link to our Web site to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.
  • Any place you go to ask for there help. Favorite restaurant, Bar, Avon lady, hair salon, and grocery store, Tupperware, candlelight, or jewelry reps. you get the picture, everywhere. Be sure to tell them it is for a 501 (c) (3) charity so it is 100% tax deductable.
  • Ways that a business can help are: % of sales donation, one of the above for their employees, donate a gift card for our raffle, sell MDA Muscle Mobiles or Shamrocks to display in there store to show there support of the community. They can purchase a vender table at our walk, purchase a spot for their logo on our shirts, an ad in our program or your own company brochure we will hand out within all our programs. I have info more specific I can email you with the prices for these things.
  • Approach local Fraternal Orders and Rotary: Such as Moose lodge, Owl lodge, VFW, Kiwanis, Women’s club, Historical society, Lions club, Neighborhood center, University clubs, American legion, Boy scouts, Girl scouts, youth groups, Elks lodge, schools, and I’m sure there are so many more. Don’t be afraid to ask because most of these groups look for ways to help the community and would love to help.
  • If you know someone who is crafty or creative in some way ask them to donate something for our raffle. Ex. Paintings, quilts, wood work, even baked goods such as cookies, cake pops, and so on.
  • There are endless ideas to get people to help. The key is to not just assume that no one cares. There are more caring and thoughtful people in this world than we give credit for. Some just don’t know what to do and just need to be approached and told about the ways they can make a difference.
  • Look on MDA website under ways to help!
  • Look on CMTA website under donate or get involved!